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What Do We Need Algebra For?

(NPR interview with Keith Devlin, Stanford University)




“Revitalizing College Algebra” (PPT)

“Revitalizing College Algebra”   (HTML—uses Java)


Module 0 “The Rule of Four” (PPT)


Electric Generators

Gallons Used

Number of Super-Snacks Sold

Generator Model (AVI)


New Applications and Better Technology


Applications and Technology (PDF)   (DOC)

Rob Kimball


Using Excel to Create Immediate Formative Assessment (XLS)


Changes in College Algebra Should Lead to Changes in Developmental Mathematics


Challenge and Opportunity:  Rethinking the Role and Function of Developmental Education in Community College

Thomas Bailey


Technology Solutions for Developmental Math:

An Overview of Current and Emerging Practices

Rhonda M. Epper

Elaine DeLott Baker




Assessment Notes (PDF)


Assessing Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) to Improve Learning



Supporting Documents


Area of the Ring (TI-Nspire file)


Area of the Ring (xls)


Assessment Notes (HTML)  (PDF)


Atmospheric Pressure (PDF)


Damage Estimates (PDF)


Module 5:  Newton’s Law of Cooling – An Application of Exponentials and Logarithms

(Student Copy-PDF)  (Instructor Copy-PDF)


Pressure and Winds (PDF)


Module 7:  Hurricane damage zooms as wind speeds increase (PDF)

Hurricanes (PDF)

Hurricanes Assessment (PDF)


Sample Modeling Projects (xls)



From Coastline CC Workshop (Facilitator:  Mike Martin)

Sex, Drugs, & Sleep: Revisiting Rhythms, Exponentials, & Sigmoidal Functions


Video, Simulations, & Assessment: Connections to Course Objectives


Voronoi Diagrams: Applications of Lines in Sales, Territories, & Other Domains


An Overview of Web Tools, Portals, & Resources



Comments, Questions, and Ideas from Workshops


MMATYC—May 2008


MinnMATYC—April 2008


College Algebra at Wake Tech




Sample Exams




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